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The story is as easy as life on the Westcoast.


It all started with a Band. The idea behind that Band is basically the idea of LA – or, at least, the idea I had of LA. Creativity rules in this city, where ideas are born from adventure and where people come from all over the world to dream. Where we all try more or less hard and fail. And get up and try again. Transform, reinvent. L.A. is a mindset. And it’s contagious.

I fell in love with this promising light, with the ridiculously long palm trees that don’t even belong here. It’s all a bit fake. Yet intriguing. To me, Los Angeles cannot be mastered, nor tamed – LA is a bitch: hostile, mean and beautiful – like these surreal smoggy sunsets. I buy into the California cliché : “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Our Bands want to tie up the spirit of Los Angeles. Free spirits keeping it together. And a knot or two.

And we wouldn’t be all Venice, if we wouldn’t evolve: By now we do have a whole little collection featuring charity Bandaids. We’re also working on up-cycled fashion pieces. I mean, we dream - we really do!





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