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Bag Strap XO Brown Inverted



  • Made of super soft, high-quality cotton.
  • Vegan (We don't harm animals, we love them.)
  • 100% designed and produced in Los Angeles.
  • Unisex
  • One size / adjustable fit
  • Length: 145 cm / 58" // With: 4 cm / 1.5" 
  • Washable

About Us and our Products:

We are a West Coast brand and we believe in #shopconsciously.

We care about the environment, about animals, about our city of dreams, and most of all about the people who live and work here. We pay fair wages and yes, that shows in our pricing – but also in the faces of our workers. And, of course, in the quality of our little bands. Feel it! We count on you, to help us keep up the good spirit.

You can make a difference – so can we.

Join us. Love us. Make a statement, tie a knot.

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